Thursday, April 9th, 2020
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As a KnowledgeSync user, you have a wide variety of Training tools (and courses) to help you get up-to-speed (and stay up-to-speed) on the KnowledgeSync solution. These tools include

1. KnowledgeSync Training Video Library. Collection of short, detailed instructional videos that let you focus on the exact features you want to learn on your own time, at your own pace.

2. KnowledgeSync Certification: Required for partners to complete in order to receive support. Made available publicly as customers have given us feedback that this is the most efficient "get up to speed" document for KnowledgeSync.

Certification Guide

3. KnowledgeSync Manual:


If you would like to find a regional KnowledgeSync Partner who offers Training and/or Implementation Services, please contact Don Farber at

And if you are an existing KnowledgeSync Business Partner in need of training, please log into the Partner Portal for more information on this service.

"The key thing about KnowledgeSync for us was that we were able to purchase and implement it almost immediately."

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