Thursday, April 9th, 2020
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In an effort to improve the awareness of KnowledgeSync capabilities among partners and clients, Vineyardsoft is pleased to launch a "Frequently Asked Questions" column for resellers and users of KnowledgeSync.

Distributing Reports That Use Work Tables
KnowledgeSync Needs Assessment (KNA) Tool - Now Available!
Importing inbound email into SalesLogix - without writing a script
Monitoring the Status of the SalesLogix Sync Server
Copying Forms, Documents, & Reports to a Specific Folder
Using KnowledgeSync to Link Multiple Applications
Optimizing KnowledgeSync Performance
KnowledgeSync Certified for Windows Vista & DST Compliant
Attaching Dynamic Files to an Alert Message
Sending HTML Alerts - Without Creating HTML
Linking Records Across Sage Applications
Checking Every Hour; Triggering Once Per Day
Scheduling on the "1st Monday", "3rd Thursday", Etc.
Triggering One Report Per Person
KnowledgeSync "Little Known" (& Free) Utilities
Controls for Formatting Alert Messages
Using KnowledgeSync for Reports on Demand
If Any One Record Matches, Send All
Alerts based on In-activity
Seeing if a Contact in CRM Exists in your Finance DB
Creating Dynamic Subscriber Groups
Crystal Reports Versions
Matching Incoming Email with Contact Records
Triggering an Event When a Database Field Value Changes
And/Or Logic in KnowledgeSync Queries
Specifying a Break Field for an Alert
Handy SQL Functions
The "Unique" Column of a Query
Scheduling an Event to Run on a Workday

"We were able to implement it easily and get our return on investment almost immediately."

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