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Regardless of whether you own KnowledgeSync or are just evaluating it, you are entitled to receive Technical assistance from Vineyardsoft's Support department. To log a call ticket with our Support staff, please click on the link in the box to the right.

(You may also telephone Vineyardsoft Support at 800-850-8055; note, however, that on-line ticket submission often results in a faster answer than phoned-in questions.)

Prior to logging your question with Vineyardsoft, please make sure you have first contacted your KnowledgeSync Partner (as they are most familiar with your implementation) and also check our on-line KnowledgeBase to see if the information you are looking for is there.

If you own KnowledgeSync, you must be current on your Maintenance and Support plan in order to receive Technical Assistance. To inquire as to the status of your M&S plan, please submit an email here.

Required Technical Expertise to Implement KnowledgeSync
KnowledgeSync is a technically-sophisticated product; as such, it is imperative that its installation and configuration be conducted by persons who have expertise in Windows, O/S, security, and database management. This includes:

  • Database management, ODBC configuration, joining tables, and database views.

  • Windows-related functionality, including the creation of Windows user accounts, UAC settings, Windows services, accessing the registry, and creating network shares and UNC paths.

  • Available ports, system security (firewall, spam filters, etc.)

  • Email protocols (which protocol your organization uses), and its underlying requirements (such as authentication)

  • Crystal report designing (if KnowledgeSync will be used to generate and deliver Crystal reports)

Due to information privacy security issues, Vineyardsoft's Technical Support department cannot themselves log into and/or make changes to components that impact the security of a client's operating system (such as the system registry).

If you do not have the above expertise, please contact Vineyardsoft Corporation ( and we will provide you with a list of KnowledgeSync Business Partners who can work with you to implement the KnowledgeSync solution.

And please read the following document for information on KnowledgeSync Tech Support response times, hours of operation, and available support services.

Vineyardsoft Support Services (PDF)

Without KnowledgeSync, we would have to tap people on the shoulder to remind them of what they should or shouldn't be doing.

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