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KnowledgeSync is currently available as a subscription license and includes maintenance and support ("M&S"). Licenses are available only on a subscription basis as of 6/1/2019 (the "Effective Date"). Subscription licensing will apply to all version 9 and 10 licenses purchased after the Effective Date, as well as all future versions (10+, numbered or otherwise). These subscription licenses will include upgrade to future versions. Subscription rates are subject to change. 

Many KnowledgeSync customers purchased perpetual licenses prior to the Effective Date, which applies to some version 9 and 10 licenses and all licenses prior to version 9. If you are such a customer and have an active M&S contract, you will have upgrade privileges up to the latest version 9.x. Future versions including version 10 are not included; however, a customer-friendly upgrade path to the subscription-based version 10 described above will be provided.

M&S entitles you to receive both technical support as well as maintenance. Technical support includes assistance via phone, email, and web, as well as access to the KnowledgeSync on-line knowledgebase, product tutorials, and computer-based training courses. Maintenance services include, according to the license type described above, product enhancements, version updates and upgrades, and hot fixes to address any product issues that come to our attention.

Additional years of M&S or subscription are optional and are normally purchased through your KnowledgeSync Business Partner. If you would like to know the status of your current contract, please feel free to email us at And if you need to find a KnowledgeSync Business Partner near you, please email

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