Thursday, April 9th, 2020
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KnowledgeSync “EventPaks” are pre-configured collections of business scenarios which KnowledgeSync monitors for and then triggers corresponding Alerts and other responses. Vineyardsoft has created over 50 EventPaks for the leading back-office and front-office applications; these EventPaks are free and can be downloaded from here.

EventPaks are also available from a wide variety of KnowledgeSync Partners; if you are interested in events designed for a specific application or industry, please contact Vineyardsoft and we will put you in touch with a corresponding partner.

(And if you are a KnowledgeSync Partner and have created your own EventPaks, please let us know so that we can refer the appropriate clients to you.)


"KnowledgeSync releases our managers from the tedium of reviewing daily reports searching for anomalies."

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