Thursday, April 9th, 2020
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The Right Offer to the Right People at the Right Time

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Most people don't associate "Alerts" with "Marketing" – but if an "alert" is the ability to deliver needed information to the right people at the right time, how different is that from the goals of a successful marketing campaign?

Successful marketing depends on knowing and targeting your audience, presenting them with a compelling offer, and delivering it to them at the most appropriate time. In other words, a combination of data mining, relevant messaging, and real-time delivery, And that’s what KnowledgeSync can do:

  • Monitor your client-centric systems (such as sales and finance) for trends or other key performance indicators that identify a client as a good prospect

  • Deliver compelling offers to them via email, fax, or other communication methods – when the trends or KPIs become apparent, and not days or weeks later.

  • Update sales records with email replies from interested prospects

  • Track campaign response rates (generate analytical reports) and dynamically adjust campaigns based on feedback

  • Automatically schedule & execute automated prospect follow-ups (within your sales system) based on a client’s initial response to your offer.

"KnowledgeSync sends out periodic offers to our clients based on their sales activity, and depending on their response, KnowledgeSync follows-up with the next appropriate offer."

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