Thursday, April 9th, 2020
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One Business, One Enterprise-Wide Solution

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If you had to select a security system for your home, would you pick a different system for each room in your house? Of course not – and the same logic applies to choosing a Business Activity Monitoring system for your business. One system – for all parts of your business.

As an enterprise-wide solution, KnowledgeSync monitors all the information that is critical to the success of your organization. This begins with application data – from sales and financial systems to manufacturing and help desk systems. Using ODBC, KnowledgeSync integrates with custom and homegrown applications as well.

Monitoring incoming email – such as messages sent to your “support” or “sales” accounts – is also covered by KnowledgeSync. As is monitoring your website for requests for information, class enrollments, and submitted questions or inquiries.

And KnowledgeSync monitors your Operating System. Whether it’s to look for low disk space on a database server, a newly-arrived EFT file, or watching out for potential log-in intruders, you can be sure that KnowledgeSync is on the job.

"When a client visits our website and requests a product brochure, KnowledgeSync emails them the PDF, logs the request in our CRM database, and schedules a follow-up phone call."

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