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Vineyardsoft Corporation Joins Caliber Justice at Jailtracker Annual User Conference  

Conference curriculum features KnowledgeSync Alerts and Workflow for JailTracker


Boston, Massachusetts  (August 25, 2016) Vineyardsoft Corporation, a pioneer in the development of Business Activity Monitoring software and the developer of the KnowledgeSync Alerts & Workflow solution, is pleased to announce an OEM partnership with Caliber Public Safety, a leading provider of Offender Management Solutions. The partnership will be announced during Caliber Justice’s Annual JailTracker User Conference, August 29-31, in Nashville, TN, at which Vineyardsoft will be a featured speaker.

Caliber Justice (Caliber), a leading provider of Offender Management Solutions (OMS) offers KnowledgeSync Alerts and Workflow to users of Caliber’s JailTracker solution.  With KnowledgeSync JailTracker users are able to monitor, send alerts, and auto-respond to such critical inmate issues as suicide watches, new inmates, dietary requirements, and under age 18 bookings. Additionally, JailTracker users have the ability to leverage KnowledgeSync to trigger, generate, and deliver needed inmate forms, documents and reports, such as daily intake-and-release listings, dietary labels, and high-risk inmates entries.

KnowledgeSync provides content in a wide variety of formats; JailTracker clients automate the delivery of information ranging from brief administrative updates via email, to detailed documents including inmate profiles and pictures. All pertinent information – such as booking number, release date, arrest code, and social security number – is captured and delivered with ease.

Don Farber, Vice President of Vineyardsoft, reports that the adoption of KnowledgeSync by JailTracker clients across the country has been remarkable. “Across North America over thirty regional jails, detention centers, sheriff’s offices, and correctional departments have implemented the Caliber JailTracker solution with KnowledgeSync. Corrections administrators immediately recognized the need for, and value of, a system whose focus is the monitoring of critical inmate activities and the time-sensitive delivery of essential offender data.”

According to Jeff Pugh, Executive Vice President of Caliber Justice, “KnowledgeSync provides the ability to create custom notifications and alerts with virtually any event within the JailTracker solution. This automation of labor-intensive tasks allows critical real-time information to be shared throughout an agency, translating to staff and inmate safety, administrative awareness, and increased operational efficiencies.” Jeff adds, “Vineyardsoft has been a tremendous partner to work with and we are excited to have them participate and present at our conference.”

About Vineyardsoft Corporation

Vineyardsoft Corporation, headquartered in Boston, MA, is the developer of the KnowledgeSync Business Activity Monitoring software solution. Founded by James R. Murphy, a pioneer in the development of Workflow Management software, Vineyardsoft’s technology enables clients to more intelligently monitor and respond to critical, time-sensitive business data.

Winner of multiple industry awards, KnowledgeSync is installed in over 12,000 organizations around the world. Vineyardsoft’s mission is to empower organizations to respond more quickly, intelligently, and profitably to the changes in their business where timing is critical to success and where information needs to be acted on and delivered to the right person at the right time.

About Caliber Justice

Caliber Justice and Caliber Public Safety offer enterprise solutions in the areas of Offender Management Solutions (OMS), Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Records Management Software (RMS), and Mobile products. Through strategic partnerships we have expanded our scope and reach, positioning the two divisions to provide innovative products for agencies of every size throughout the United States.

Caliber Justice and Caliber Public Safety are comprised of seven business units that rely on the decades of industry, regulatory and domain experience that our employees provide. We combine industry best practices with our state of the art suite of products to deliver a client experience that is second to none. The full line of Caliber Justice and Caliber Public Safety software delivers the critical edge to frontline responders when seconds count.

Caliber Public Safety is a business unit of the Harris Operating Group of Constellation Software, Inc. Harris Systems USA, Inc. is a member of the Harris Operating Group and is one of the legal entities that markets and distributes software products and services under the Caliber Public Safety (Caliber) platform.

"All parties involved know exactly what is going on with each client the moment an activity takes place. KnowledgeSync makes our job easier and it makes us look great."

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