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 Greenestep clients receive real-time business insight – anytime, anywhere

Bangalore,  (July, 2015) – GreeneStep Technologies, an innovative provider of Business Management and Collaboration Solutions for small to mid-sized companies in Retail, Distribution and ECommerce businesses, is pleased to announce “Advanced BAM” – a Business Activity Monitoring system for custom Alerts and Workflow  that enables businesses to identify and respond to critical, time-sensitive business conditions that impact productivity and profitability.

Advanced BAM addresses the challenges of “not knowing” or “knowing too late”, by giving business owners and front line executives an insight into such issues as customer service escalations, overdue payments, pending service tickets, salesrep performance, and overall company health.

Advanced BAM delivers alerts (to a variety of devices) based on real-time events or as scheduled jobs. It delivers reports, forms, and documents (such as a Daily Sales Summary, Departmental Performance report, order confirmations, and invoices). And Advanced BAM  automates the execution of workflow, such as scheduling a phone call to a prospect who has not been contacted in over three days.

According to Sunil Kumar, CEO of GreeneStep Technologies, “the combination of GreeneStep and Advanced BAM enables small businesses to standardize their processes and add real-time agility with help of automated monitoring and intelligent response. Advanced BAM even looks ahead to identify both potential problems and potential opportunities, and deliver that information to staff, customers, and partners regardless of where they are located or what device they are using.”

Unlike traditional exception management technologies that rely on manual intervention, Advanced BAM monitors in a lights-out environment, auto-delivers the needed information in the most appropriate format to the responsible parties, and auto-triggers intelligent response actions.

According to Don Farber, Vice President at Vineyardsoft, “The partnership with Greenestep brings Business Activity Monitoring to a segment of the market that has traditionally been excluded from the more sophisticated business intelligence tools. Advanced BAM keeps Greenestep users and their applications up-to-date with the most timely and relevant business insight – and that allows them to make the best possible business decisions.”

About Greenestep Technologies
GreeneStep Technologies is a software company headquartered in Bangalore, with sales & support offices in Virginia, USA and Singapore. GreeneStep specializes in development of Business Management and Collaboration Solutions for small to mid-sized companies in Retail, Distribution and Ecommerce space.

GreeneStep helps business owners & managers to gain control over their inventory, sales and finances by providing operational insights and by enabling partner collaboration from anywhere anytime using GreeneStep solution.

About Vineyardsoft Corporation
Vineyardsoft Corporation, headquartered in Boston, MA, is the developer of the KnowledgeSync Business Activity Monitoring software solution. Founded by James R. Murphy, a pioneer in the development of Workflow Management software, Vineyardsoft’s technology enables clients to more intelligently monitor and respond to critical, time-sensitive business data.

Winner of multiple industry awards, KnowledgeSync is installed in over 12,000 organizations around the world. Vineyardsoft’s mission is to empower organizations to respond more quickly, intelligently, and profitably to the changes in an their business where timing is critical to success and where information needs to be acted on and delivered to the right person at the right time.

"All parties involved know exactly what is going on with each client the moment an activity takes place. KnowledgeSync makes our job easier and it makes us look great."

Luisa Alejandra Shah
Gibraltar Bank

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