Saturday, May 30th, 2020
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The 'App' in "Appy Olidays" . . .
No - Vineyardsoft has not decided to adopt cockney as its language of choice; it's just that with the holidays approaching, it got us thinking about gifts. There's not a whole lot of options for software companies when it comes to gift-giving, and we're pretty darn sure that yet another mouse pad, key chain, water bottle, mini-flashlight, or naugahyde drink coaster is not what most folks would care to receive from us.

(Naugahyde: think "pleather", but not as nice. If "pleather" doesn't ring a bell, consider yourself lucky.)

Call us old-fashioned (okay, that ship probably sailed with naugahyde and pleather), but we think that if a software company wants to get into the holiday spirit, it should give something that has real value. Not a cute, dust-catching what-cha-ma-call-it but something that brings tangible business benefits (not to mention a little joy and cheer) to an organization.

Yep - what we've got to give . . . is software.

A new version of KnowledgeSync (v8.3) and a virtual stocking full of new and updated eventpaks.

Yes, the elves have been busy here at Vineyardsoft. They've been programmed to program.

KnowledgeSync Version 8.3 Now Available
Version 8.3 is a combination of new features, processing improvements, and the occasional patch. The full details of everything that has gone into (and led up to) v8.3 are contained in the Release Notes, which you can download from here: (v8.3 Enhancements)

Amongst the key changes in version 8.3 is a long-sought-after issue in the Navigator module that caused visible branches to become inaccessible. The still-new graphics alerts module was updated, as was the support of "multi-tenancy" implementations (KnowledgeSync as a hosted, shared subscription service).

Specific to the Sage 100 ERP solution (heck; let's call it "MAS 90" one last time!) KnowledgeSync was enhanced to better allow for field-based auditing across a multi-company environment. (If that last phrase made you want to raise your hand a "buy a vowel" - let us know and we'll explain further.)

You can download version 8.3 from

But the bulk of the new functionality in version 8.3 of KnowledgeSync wasn't in application development - it was in eventpak development.

"We've Built Up; Now We Want to Build Out . . ."
The above quotation came from a KnowledgeSync customer who's owned the application for just over a year. They purchased KnowledgeSync for use with their ERP solution. Automating invoicing, past due collections, stock level monitoring . . . the usual stuff.

In mid-summer they contacted us because their implementation of "KS" with their ERP system was done and they were now ready to "build out". They wanted to monitor and trigger alerts and automation for their HR system (including training & recruiting), their CRM solution, their customer service app, and their asset tracking database. In other words, they wanted KnowledgeSync to do for all of those systems what it was already doing for their ERP.

That was all we needed to hear. O' eventpak building we did go . . .

Updated eventpaks for:

Sage 100, 300, 500, & HRMS: New events; all email alerts in HTML table format, graphic alerts
Sage 100, 300, & 500: Automated Trend Analysis eventpaks (very cool!)

Wholly new eventpaks for:

Technisoft (Service)
Orchid (Inventory)
Smart Hotel (hotel mgmt)
ECi M1 (ERP)
ACCTivate (ERP)
Ascent (Service)
Syspro (MRP/ERP)
SuperOffice (CRM)
Sage 100 Contractor (Construction)
EBS Paysuite (HR)
Sugar CRM
Cyma (ERP)
WeSuite (CRM)

All eventpaks are available from: And if you have any questions about them, contact Don Farber at Vineyardsoft at or at 800-850-8055, extension 113.

. . . And in the Spirit of 2015 . . .

We wrap up this last newsletter of 2014 by announcing that Vineyardsoft has a new "KnowledgeSync standard" PowerPoint template that we'd like to share with you; the previous one (like Father Time) had grown a bit grey. More business-focused; more enterprise-wide; and . . . well . . . just plain "more better". We think you'll like it. Contact Tricia Cate ( to get a copy . . .

Happy Holidays to you; be well & have fun in all you do.

Vineyardsoft Corporation

"All parties involved know exactly what is going on with each client the moment an activity takes place. KnowledgeSync makes our job easier and it makes us look great."

Luisa Alejandra Shah
Gibraltar Bank

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