Saturday, May 30th, 2020
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Different Strokes
I don't know about you, but I'd like to meet the clothing designer who invented the "one size fits all" concept, because if there's one thing that slogan has taught me, it's that "all" doesn't include me. Sleeves too short, legs too long, and a waist that assumes breathing is an unnecessary luxury.

One size doesn't fit all, and that's as true about clothing as it is about business intelligence software.

Executives need "the big picture", managers most often want "exceptions", and the folks in the trenches just need the snippets of insight that will help them get their jobs done faster.

So face it - your BI closet isn't complete if it contains just one set of clothes.

"Love it . . . What is it"
The phrase "business intelligence" has been bandied-about the software industry for so long that we're all pretty much convinced that we need it. (And we do.) Sadly, however, few of us can actually define it - and therein lies the problem.

BI definitions such as "intelligence about your business" (an award winner from the department of redundancy department) show just how little people understand about the benefits a BI solution is supposed to provide. But the biggest challenge in describing or understanding business intelligence lies in the fact that there is no one BI solution that suits all of a client's BI needs.

Business intelligence is not a solution; it's a goal that can be achieved through the adoption of technologies that enable BI processes. The sooner we accept this concept, the easier it'll be to select and implement the BI solutions that an organization needs. (And yes; there is an 's' at the end of solutions!)

Business Intelligence; Intelligently Delivered
BI, on its own, has dubious value unless it's intelligently delivered. Take your car's "low fuel" indicator. It goes on when you're running low on fuel; not after you've coasted to a silent stop. It appears on your dashboard; not as a diagnostic reading only your mechanic can decipher. And the warning comes to you; not to the attendant who filled your tank 300 miles ago.

Business intelligence is more than just content; it's content delivered at the right time, via the right method, and to the right people. And in the Sage Software world, those three criteria are provided thru the unique integration of Sage Intelligence and Sage Alerts & Workflow.

Sage Intelligence (SI) is a comprehensive BI solution; when you integrate SI with Sage Alerts & Workflow (aka KnowledgeSync), you get a unique offering in the BI space.

- A solution that delivers BI content when business conditions occur (and not some time after).

- A solution that adapts BI content (e.g., PDF, Excel, chart) and delivery (e.g., email, web, mobile).

- A solution that delivers BI content to the people responsible for that aspect of the business.

Sage Intelligence and Sage Alerts & Workflow are available as integrated solutions today; for a product data sheet, details on how to configure the integration, or to see a demo, contact Don Farber at Vineyardsoft at or at 800-850-8055, extension 113.

Thanks, Suggestions, & General Nonsense
In wrapping up this issue of KnowledgeSync news, we thank and pay tribute to our legions of Business Partners who hail from the proud profession of accounting. Yours is indeed a noble pursuit - it has "Count" in its very name - and we salute you.

Be well & have fun in all you do.

Vineyardsoft Corporation

"All parties involved know exactly what is going on with each client the moment an activity takes place. KnowledgeSync makes our job easier and it makes us look great."

Luisa Alejandra Shah
Gibraltar Bank

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