Saturday, May 30th, 2020
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New User Interface!

Yes, it's finally here - and we think you're going to love it.

A single window from which you can add or change queries, events, reports, and the like. A window that is size-optimized so in most cases there is no need to scroll in any direction. A window that allows KnowledgeSync to sell itself, by giving prospects an attractive and informative picture of just how KnowledgeSync can benefit them.

Built off of the existing "Navigator" window, the new user interface includes all the capabilities in the old "Event Manager" interface, including building and installing EventPaks.

The KnowledgeSync manual has also been updated to drive everything from the Navigator window; whether it’s to retrieve a list of queries, add a Crystal report definition, or review the output from a graphical alert (yes - graphical alerts!), the Navigator is the place to be to do it all.

Click here to view a screen shot of the new Navigator module.

And click here to watch a new, 18 minute demonstration of KnowledgeSync - all driven off of the new Navigator module.

Graphic Alerts Module:

If you were excited about the new KnowledgeSync user interface, you're REALLY going to be excited about the other major new area of functionality in version 8.2 - "graphic alerts". Imagine:

•  Monitoring overdue invoices and sending a CFO a bar chart of each salesrep's total overdue customer amounts.
•  In the midst of a marketing campaign auto-sending managers two pie charts showing how many leads and how much revenue are coming from different lead sources.
•  An alert about an increase in support calls that includes a line chart showing the gradual up-tick in logged calls over the last ‘x’ weeks or months.

In other words . . . the eye candy of an alert that every manager and executive wants.

In KnowledgeSync v8.2, the "Reports Module" (MSRP of $999) now includes graphic alerts; the ability for you and your clients - without programming - to create graphic representations of alert conditions. And not just the usual bar, pie, and line charts, but "funnel", "pyramid", and "cone" charts; charts in two dimensions or three; and comparative "multi-charts" which compare the performance of two or more items or people.

To get more details on Graphic Alerts in KnowledgeSync, download the v8.2 manual and refer to the "Charts & Graphs" chapter - or, take 15 minutes or so and review the new computer-based training course on graphic alerts at

As Always . . .

If you have any questions or requests - or if you have interesting uses of KnowledgeSync functions which you’d like to share with other KnowledgeSync users - please contact Don Farber at

Thanks again for your continued support of the KnowledgeSync solution.

Vineyardsoft Corporation

"All parties involved know exactly what is going on with each client the moment an activity takes place. KnowledgeSync makes our job easier and it makes us look great."

Luisa Alejandra Shah
Gibraltar Bank

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