Saturday, May 30th, 2020
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If you’ve listened to a KnowledgeSync presentation, you know that at the end of it we quote a survey of our users that showed an average “payback period” of just 88 days.

Now you have a way to PROVE that to your clients.

After many months of design and lots (and lots) of valuable feedback from our clients, Vineyardsoft is pleased to offer the KnowledgeSync ROI Calculator for the ERP market. Taking less than 5 minutes to get a “basic ROI”, this Calculator lets clients enter information about their own business processes to figure out how long it would take them to pay off their investment in KnowledgeSync.

In PDF format, this invaluable sales tool uses real-life business scenarios to enable an organization to calculate their ROI based on their specific uses of their ERP solution – whether that solution is from Sage Software, Microsoft, Exact Software, or any other ERP solution vendor. (And coming soon are companion KnowledgeSync ROI calculators for both HR and CRM solutions.)

You can download the ROI Calculator from:

(Look under the “Sales & Marketing Tools” branch.)

We encourage you to make the KnowledgeSync ROI Calculator available to all your clients and prospects who do not currently own KnowledgeSync and who are using an ERP software solution. The Calculator is simple enough that a client can use it on their own, so you might want to make it available from your website, or offer it to clients attending a KnowledgeSync webinar (which we’ll be glad to deliver for you, if you like).

We hope you’ll agree with us when we say “once a client sees just how quickly they can get their payback on the KnowledgeSync solution, everyone will want to try it.”

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding the ROI Calculator, please contact Don Farber at

Thanks again for your support and promotion of the KnowledgeSync solution!

"All parties involved know exactly what is going on with each client the moment an activity takes place. KnowledgeSync makes our job easier and it makes us look great."

Luisa Alejandra Shah
Gibraltar Bank

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