Saturday, May 30th, 2020
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KnowledgeSync v7.9 introduces “Workflow Wizard” and Server Optimization
New EventPaks
Reduced Pricing on Additional Connections

Vineyardsoft is proud to announce the availability of version 7.9, which includes a new wizard-driven workflow interface as well as an optimization of the application’s server architecture to optimize processing and improve system performance.

The major new features in version 7.9 include:

  • SQL Workflow Wizard. For organizations that use KnowledgeSync to trigger additions and updates within their business applications, the SQL Workflow Wizard provides a non-technical interface for users to create SQL “insert” and “update” statements.

  • Server Optimization. In preparation for the release of “KnowledgeSync .net” later this year, the server optimization work in v7.9 both increased the speed of event processing, and added “high availability” to KnowledgeSync’s servers, ensuring the integrity of server processing 24 x 7.
  • Email Authentication on Incoming Email. For organizations using KnowledgeSync to monitor and auto-process incoming email messages, the system now supports the monitoring of authenticated incoming email, such as messages sent to gmail or hotmail accounts.
  • Dashboard Alerts Dynamic Folder Creation. With the new dashboard alerts delivery method introduced in version 7, KnowledgeSync v7.9 now includes the ability to dynamically create secure, individual system folders for the publication of user-specific dashboards.

  • KLF Key Auto-Generation. For tables that lack unique single-field keys, the KnowledgeSync Linking Function (KLF) now auto-generates single-field unique keys so that events may be triggered based on changes to any field in any tables in a database.
  • Sage Abra Data Encryption Support. For those users of the Sage Abra HRMS solution, KnowledgeSync now supports Sage Abra’s encryption logic so that encrypted sites may use KnowledgeSync to monitor and trigger events off of data anywhere in the Sage Abra system.
Also announced along with the technological enhancements in version 7.9 are new (or updated) collections of pre-configured KnowledgeSync events (“EventPaks”) for over 20 different front-office and back-office applications, including new “Dashboard Alert” paks for many of the Sage Software family of applications.

Among the new applications that EventPaks are now available for are Sage MIP Fund Accounting and DacEasy by Sage. Like all other Vineyardsoft-created EventPaks and Dashboard Paks, these new paks are free to all KnowledgeSync partners and clients.

And – in response to feedback from the KnowledgeSync Business Partner community, Vineyardsoft is announcing a price reduction on the cost for “additional connection licenses” of the KnowledgeSync solution. Previously priced at $1,999 for a second or third connection (up to a maximum of three connections, after which a client may opt for the Unlimited Connection license at $8,695), Vineyardsoft is pleased to announce that “additional connections” are now priced at just $1,799.

If you have any questions about the new features in version 7.9 of KnowledgeSync, the new EventPaks, or the new pricing for additional connections, please contact Tricia Cate for more information at

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