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Happy New Year, Everyone – and congratulations on weathering a challenging economy in 2009, and here’s a raise of our virtual glass to an improving economy and our sincerest thanks to all the partners in our channel for your sales and support of the KnowledgeSync solution in 2009.

With that in mind, we’d like to share a few special KnowledgeSync milestones and achievements from 2009 that wouldn’t have been possible without you:

1) The 1,000th KnowledgeSync Reseller. Yep, 2009 saw Vineyardsoft surpass 1,000 KnowledgeSync resellers around the world, and a big part of that is due to word-of-mouth from resellers like you. Thanks for talking us up!

2) Forbes magazine 2009 “Top Productivity-Enhancing Tool” commendation for KnowledgeSync. When you think of business-oriented magazines, the name “Forbes” is always at the top of the list, and so to be recognized by them is an honor indeed!

3) KM World Magazine “Promise Award” Finalist. KnowledgeSync is one of the finalists for solutions that “provide innovative technology solutions for implementing and integrating knowledge management practices into their business processes.”

4) Increased Growth – now 10 Years running. Proving that KnowledgeSync really is a great solution when the economic going gets tough, Vineyardsoft is pleased to report that 2009 will continue KnowledgeSync’s 10-year trend of increased sales over the previous year. And if you’re wondering who’s responsible for that . . . you are!

5) Expanded Partnership with Sage Software. “Sage KnowledgeSync” is now the one – and only – “Endorsed” solution for the following Sage products – Sage MAS 90 ERP, Sage MAS 200 ERP, Sage MAS 500 ERP, Sage PFW, Sage Pro ERP, Sage BusinessVision Accounting, Sage BusinessWorks ERP, Peachtree by Sage, Sage Abra, Sage FAS, and Sage SalesLogix (OEM). (More Sage products are scheduled to be added to this list in 2010.)

2009 also saw Vineyardsoft add 5 new OEM Partners to our portfolio, a whole new alert delivery method (web dashboard), and the expansion of our KnowledgeSync Partner Services Group.

2010 promises many more new and exciting happenings, including the release of KnowledgeSync .net, even more alert delivery methods (but we’re not going to tell you quite yet!) and a KnowledgeSync users module that puts more control in the hands of your users, and lightens the load on IT. Much of this is coming early in 2010, so stay tuned . . .

And thanks again for making 2009 another hugely successful, record-breaking year for KnowledgeSync; it wouldn’t have been possible without you and your support, and we thank you for that, and wish you a very happy, successful, and healthy 2010.

The Vineyardsoft Team

"All parties involved know exactly what is going on with each client the moment an activity takes place. KnowledgeSync makes our job easier and it makes us look great."

Luisa Alejandra Shah
Gibraltar Bank

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