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Version 7.5 of KnowledgeSync is in general a minor release, but it does contain one very special enhancement to the application – an embedded SMTP email engine which comes pre-configured for use with KnowledgeSync out-of-the-box.

What does this mean to youω It means that you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to integrate KnowledgeSync with your – or with a client’s own – email system. As soon as KnowledgeSync v7.5 is installed, a new Windows Service called “Hermes Email Server” will automatically appear in your list of Services and will automatically be started.

For new KnowledgeSync installations, a corresponding “Email Account” will be auto-configured within the Administrator module, and all newly-created events will (by default) be configured to use this email account. (Existing KnowledgeSync implementations will have the Hermes Service installed but no default email account will be created. And unless you wish to switch over to the Hermes email system, you may wish to stop the Hermes email server from running as a Service.)

This embedded email engine was added to KnowledgeSync as a way to speed up (and simplify) the initial installation and configuration of the KnowledgeSync system. We realized that with such a wide choice of email systems (Exchange, SMTP, Lotus Notes, etc.) and an even larger choice of configuration options for each of those systems, it was all-too-common for new installations to experience email problems or questions upon initial configuration. With the pre-configured Hermes engine, these problems or questions are eliminated.

Although Hermes does not support email authentication (that capability is coming in a version of KnowledgeSync to be released in Q3/Q4 of 2008), Hermes is “locked-down” to work with just the KnowledgeSync application so it cannot be maliciously used for spamming or other purposes.

If you have any questions about the Hermes email engine, please contact Vineyardsoft’s Technical Support staff at

If you have any other questions about version 7.5, please contact Don Farber at

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