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Press Contact:

Vineyardsoft Corporation
Don Farber
VP of Marketing
800-850-8055  x113

Vineyardsoft Profiled
by Citrix Online in Remote Services Webinar

On June 18, 2008, Vineyardsoft and Citrix Online partnered in a webinar that profiled Vineyardsoft’s use of Citrix’ “Remote Services” technologies to show how an organization can leverage productive and cost-efficient technologies to provide remote service offerings to their customers and business partners.

Focusing on Citrix’ “GotoAssist” remote service solution, this webinar discussed how Vineyardsoft has implemented GotoAssist as a critical part of its Customer Service department. In supporting Vineyardsoft’s “KnowledgeSync” Alerts & Workflow solution, the GotoAssist technology is used by Vineyardsoft’s Support team to remotely connect to a KnowledgeSync client’s system, diagnose the problem or issue that the client is reporting, and fix the issue – all in the same session.

In validation of the benefit that GotoAssist has provided to Vineyardsoft and to KnowledgeSync customers, Don Farber (Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Vineyardsoft), confirmed that with the GotoAssist technology, Vineyardsoft’s first call resolution rate has gone from less than 50% (prior to the use of GotoAssist) to over 80% once the GotoAssist solution was implemented.

An additional benefit that Vineyardsoft realized through the adoption of the GotoAssist solution was faster ramp-up time for new hires – support technicians and consultants – through the ability to participate in a shared GotoAssist session and listen to (and watch) the diagnostic steps taken by a senior member of Vineyardsoft’s Support staff.

Also mentioned was the ability for Vineyardsoft’s partners – resellers of the KnowledgeSync solution – to focus their time and energies on selling the KnowledgeSync solution rather than learning all the technical ins-and-outs of the KnowledgeSync solution. By virtue of knowing that Vineyardsoft’s support staff could directly access and assist clients with implementation questions, KnowledgeSync resellers were less reliant on having to train their own staff on becoming KnowledgeSync technical “experts”.

Also profiled during the Citrix webinar was the KnowledgeSync Partner Services Group (KSPSG), led by Richard Burrell, Director of KSPSG. Richard related how his group utilizes staff across the United States to provide KnowledgeSync customization services to both KnowledgeSync partners and clients – delivered 100% remotely – through the combined use of Citrix’ GotoAssist and GotoMeeting tools.

To view the entire contents of the Citrix Online webinar on the effective delivery of Remote Services to clients and partners, please click here.

About Vineyardsoft Corporation

Headquartered on Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, Vineyardsoft is the developer of the KnowledgeSync “Active Alerts” solution and is the leading developer of Business Activity Monitoring software. Vineyardsoft enables clients to analyze, identify and respond to critical, time-sensitive business data. For more information on Vineyardsoft, call 800-850-8055, e-mail , or visit Vineyardsoft's Web site at

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