Saturday, May 30th, 2020
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Over the next few months, IT departments will be focusing on two issues that can affect the performance of their hardware and software systems. The first issue is the release of Microsoft's Vista operating system, and the second is the patch issued by Microsoft to handle the new Daylight Savings Time dates. And it's important to know how these two items affect the KnowledgeSync Active Alerts solution.

Fortunately, the KnowledgeSync developers have known about the Windows Vista operating system for some time now, and among the enhancements put into KnowledgeSync version 6 (SQL Server database, support through Crystal version XI) was full compatibility with the Vista operating system.

Our QA Team has tested KnowledgeSync under as many Vista configurations as possible, and all test results have come back positive - the version 6 KnowledgeSync architecture fully supports the new Vista configurations and options. Clients who are using a version of KnowledgeSync prior to v6.x are encouraged to upgrade to version 6 before installing KnowledgeSync on a Vista server.

As for the Patch issued by Microsoft to address the changed dates to Daylight Savings Time starting in 2007, Vineyardsoft's QA Team has confirmed that KnowledgeSync (versions 5.x and 6.x) supports the DST patch and will automatically begin operating under the rules of the Microsoft patch once that patch is installed on the KnowledgeSync server.

(Note that it is recommended that you stop and re-start the KnowledgeSync Windows Service after installing the Microsoft DST patch on the KnowledgeSync server.)

If you have any questions about Windows Vista, the DST Patch from Microsoft, or any other KnowledgeSync functionality, please contact Vineyardsoft’s Tech Support department at

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